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Life with Reefs Operation Homeward Bound

We are so proud to launch our new project!

Life with Reefs Operation Homeward Bound!

It’s an incredible new program where local businesses become a sponsor pawrent to help  shelter dog’s find their furever homes.

Every dog deserves a home! As a community, it’s our responsibility to protect, care for, advocate and love dogs.. especially the homeless shelter dogs. Thousands of healthy, loving, beautiful dogs get euthanized in shelters every year at no fault of their own. Dogs are our family members, heroes, service animals, best friends & our companions in life! We need to be their voices.

As a local business owner you have the power to influence and inspire people to not only save a life, but in return change theirs. Why do you want to be a part of our team? Because we are a part of the very change this community needs! We are going to be making a difference in so many lives. You are helping end stigmas, stereotypes, discrimination and above all you are helping save lives!! Our mission at Life With Reef is inspiring the community to get involved because together we can and will save so many lives.

For more information on becoming a sponsor to a shelter dog please email Stacey at

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