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What we do

Founded in 2021, Life with Reef was inspired by our amazing rescue dog Reef!

Our sole mission is to help spread awareness against animal abuse, to help end Breed-specific legislation, to raise funds for shelter dogs, and to educate others on breed bias that square heads face daily. 


We are advocates & supporters of all rescue and shelter dogs. We are also a family serving the Tequesta/Jupiter area for dog walking and educating on the proper handling of dogs. 

Life with Reef hopes to inspire the community to make a difference by helping dogs in need. Together, we can help so many of those dogs!


Through our fundraisers & Your purchase from Life with Reef, we help support shelter dogs & rescue organizations with their life saving measures. We help these Organizations with transportation, adoptions, food and shelter, medical needs, blankets, toys, and whatever we can to help dogs in need. 


How else can you help? 

Foster, adopt, donate or volunteer at your local shelter or rescue!

For more information on all of the ways we contribute to rescue work or how you can help, please email us at 

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